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反对职业/竞技体育 Arguments against Professional/competitive sport

Sport has become a business

Professional sport encourages people to compete for money

Many sports stars are only concerned about money and fame

Some athletes take drugs in order to win at any cost

Competitors are often selfish and rude

They are not good role models for children

All sports should be amateur

Sports should be leisure activities rather than jobs

People should do sporting activities for enjoyment and health reasons Taking part is more important than winning

职业体育 Arguments for Professional sport

Professional sports are the same as any other business

Many people are employed in the sports industry

People should be able to use their talents to earn a salary

Sports stars entertain millions of people

Money is necessary to improve facilities and train athletes

The level of professional sport is much higher than that of amateur sport

竞技体育 Arguments for Competitive sport

Competition is a natural instinct in humans

In daily life we compete to get jobs or the highest grades

Sports are a safe form of competition

Competition is healthy because it pushes us to give our best

Competitors and fans can release energy and aggression

Supporters of teams feel a sense of belonging to a community

运动员高薪资 Opinion: professional sport salaries are too high

Sports professionals earn too much money

They do not provide a vital service

Football players, for example, earn enormous salaries by simply kicking a ball

We could all live happily without professional football

Life would be difficult without doctors, engineers and other vital professionals.

Society does not seem to value these professions as highly as professional sport

Sports salaries should be compatible with the wages most people earn

职业运动员的薪资 Opinion: professional sport salaries are fair

It is fair that the best professional earn a lot of money

Sport is a multi-million-pound industry

There is a large audience of sports fans

Sports on television attract many viewers

Sports stars have dedicated hours of practice to developing their fitness and skills

Only the most talented among them will reach the top

A sports career many only last 10 years

Sports fans are willing to pay to support their teams

体育与政治 Sports and Politics

Some people think that sport and politics should remain separate Governments are involved in the hosting of sporting events such as the Olympics.

These events attract investment and create jobs.

The Olympic Games are an advertisement for the host nation

They attract huge numbers of visitors and sports fans

Wealthy countries tend to hold these events

Developing countries should be given the chance to become hosts