9 2月 2020


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Many people aim at trying to keep a balance in work and the part of time. What the problems in trying it. How to overcome it.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.


Coming with the modernization in major metropolises around the world, the life for young generation has been attached huge importance by the public, since the difficulty of how to balance life and work is increasingly significant.

It is common to see that the time of keeping the light on is extended in many business skyscrapers, and the overtime work has become the routine of young people’s night life replacing hanging out with friends or lying on the couch to enjoy personal life. However, when considering the enormous amount of work, they have to sacrifice free time and give up the rest to guarantee that all things can be done on time, due to the huge pressure of earning money to support their life and the desire of promotion in the career, which are essential for pursuing a better life and showing the determination of providing individual value. Gradually, whether the ambitions can be achieved or not, the side effect that the health for such generation is affected negatively along the ignorance of relaxation would not be covered during their aging.

Figuring out the solution of the dilemma mentioned above cannot wait anymore. Initially, the attitude towards what should be the top concern in the life needs to be switched, which means that workers must understand that fame and wealth are not the only evidence to prove oneself, while the inner happiness and satisfaction from the maintenance of the interpersonal relationships can be more meaningful. In terms of health condition, spending regular time on outdoor exercise and body check would be effective approach to monitor and prevent any serious diseases; besides the policy of holiday in the company should be implemented strictly under the supervision of authorities, which can supply the opportunity to ensure that employees have enough leisure time.

In conclusion, there are many problems in front of the balanced life and work, but what can be done relies on the cooperation among different group, which is worth the endeavour from the whole society.