9 2月 2020


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In some countries, some criminal trials are shown on the television and the general public can watch them. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

题目类型 利弊分析
话题类型 犯罪
  • 优点:1. 教育公众(降低犯罪率);2. 法治监督(公正,用语);3. 司法公信力(信任与安全感,鼓励公众通过法律问题解决纠纷)
  • 缺点:1. 嫌疑人人身安全;2. 隐私


The mass media of some nations including mine has entitled to access some court trials so that the public can watch and review law suits on TV, internet and newspaper. Although the privacy or even security of suspects may be invaded or threatened in certain cases, this progressive policy definitively benefits more not only for the persons on trial but for normal ones in the national context.

The drawbacks of the enforcement mainly focus on men in court. Apparently, suspects’ privacy is to be respected before the sentence which means the deprivation of its political rights and even some victims are unwilling to expose their tragedy to the public, toughening the aftermath and rehabilitation. What is more, it is easy to assume that the vindicated sometimes get hurt out of court when he or she is innocent but the public believe him or her guilty.

Despite the previous two factors, the progress this decision has made is prominent in three aspects. The first comes from the easier access of law issues and the public learn the principle and details about laws and decrees, knowing the legal limits and thus bringing down the crime rate. Another profit for both the public and suspects is that this performance online is a kind of supervision in a much larger scale incomparison with the jury, which enhance judge’s level like expertise and language. Last but not least, this implement gain much public trust so citizens feel secured and would turn to lawyers and courts for help when necessary.

In conclusion, this action educates the public, monitor the legal system and win the trust. The merits obviously outweigh the demerits and it could be better when the will and privacy of interested parties like juveniles can be considered and protected.