18 2月 2020


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电视的优点 Positives of television

Watching television is a good way to relax

It is many people’s favorite way to wind down after a hard day at work

Television programs can be entertaining and enjoyable

Viewers have access to a huge variety of entertainment channels

Television brings the best comedians, musicians and actors into our homes

Programmers can also be informative and educational

News coverage makes the public aware of events around the world

Documentaries can make learning more interesting

电视的弊端 Negatives of Television

Television is having a negative impact on society

Some people link violence on television with crime rates in the real world

Children copy the behavior they see on the screen

Children are less healthy because they spend less time palying

Advertisers direct their marketing at children

Most programs do not require much thought

Watching TV is a waste of tim

关于电视的看法 Opinions about Television

Television has many benefits

However, it can be addictive

Children should play outside rather than sit in front of a screen all day

Behaviour shown on TV can influence people

Parents should choose carefully what their children watch

Children should not be exposed to violence, swearing or sexual images

Advertising during children’s programs should be strictly controlled

TV companies should make more positive, educational programs

网络的优点 Positives of the Internet

There are many advantages to using the Internet

It gives us instant access to information on almost any subject

Shops and other services are now available online

People can buy goods and services from the comfort of their homes

The Internet is starting to replace other forms of entertainment

It has revolutionized communication

We can keep in touch by email or instant messenger services

Video messaging is becoming common for business meetings

网络的弊端 Negatives of the internet

Many websites contain offensive content

Some sites show violent or sexual images

Parents find it difficult to control what their children see online

They do not always know who their children are chatting to

With so many websites it is difficult to search for good information

Criminals increasingly use the Internet to steal people’s money

Internet compared to newspaper and books

Newspapers and books are now published online as well as in print

We can read the news in any language from any country in the world

It costs nothing to publish or access information on the Internet

The Internet allows anybody to publish their own writing

Newspaper articles and books are written by professionals

Professionals produce better quality writing than amateur

People still buy newspapers and books because they are portable

People do not like reading from a screen

手机的优点 Positives of Mobile Phones

The mobile phone is the most popular gadget in today’s world

Mobile phones have revolutionized the way we communicate

We can stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues wherever we are

Users can send text messages, surf the Internet, take photos and listen to music

Mobiles have also become fashion accessories

手机的弊端 Negatives of Mobile Phones

Mobiles phones can be a problem in some public places

Ringing phones cause disturbance in cinemas and school lessons

Some people are not aware that others can hear their conversations

Mobile phones may also interfere with electronic equipment

Their waves could cause damage to our brains

Mobile phones can also be a dangerous distraction

Using a phone while driving reduces the driver’s concentration

Mobile phones are a popular target for thieves

Opinion about Mobile Phones

The benefits of mobile phones outweigh the drawbacks

We need to use these phones with care