18 2月 2020


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交通问题 Traffic problems

Traffic congestion is caused by commuters travelling to work

Most people live in the suburbs outside city centre

Commuters tend to travel at the same time of day

They tend to travel alone

Cars and road space are not used efficiently

This causes traffic jams during the rush hour

交通处理方法 Traffic solutions

In order to reduce traffic we should change our working habits

The internet can now be used to connect people

More people could work from home

Meetings can be held as video conferences

Workers could be given flexible timetables

Another solution would be to tax drivers

Workers should share their cars and travel together

In London, for example, there is a congestion charge

This helps to raise money for better public transport

Public transport needs to be reliable and efficient

公共交通的好处 Positives of Public transport

We need to reduce our dependence on cars

Parking a car can be extremely difficult in big cities

Well-designed transport systems are comfortable and convenient

Modern public transport can be fast and cheap

Public transport can help to reduce pollution in cities

Investment in buses and trains will ease traffic congestion

Buses can be given special lands to avoid traffic

公共交通的弊端 Negatives of public transport

Public transport if often slow and unreliable

Metro systems and trains are often dirty and crowded

People feel like “sardines in a can”

Cars are much more comfortable