18 2月 2020


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性别与教育 Gender and education

Men and women should have access to the same educational opportunities

Males and females should be accepted onto courses according to their abilities

It is wrong to discriminate against students because of their gender Gender should be irrelevant in education

Student’s achievements should depend on hard work and individual merit In the UK, there are similar numbers of male and female students in higher education

性别与工作 Gender and work

Men and women should have access to the same professional opportunities

Both man and women should be able to pursue a career

They should earn equal salaries

They should be employed according to their abilities, qualifications and experience

Traditionally women have been restricted to certain roles

They were often employed as secretaries or receptionists

Nowadays, a range of occupations is available to both sexes

Career success depends on individual merit

男女在家庭中的角色 Women’s and Men’s roles in the Family

Some people argue that a mother should not work

She should stay at home and bring up her children

The father should be the breadwinner of the family

Others believe that both parents should share these responsibilities

Working women can take maternity leave during and after pregnancy

Many mothers continue to work after this period

Many fathers and mothers share their parenting and domestic responsibilities

They contribute equally to childcare, cooking and cleaning

Some women many have better career prospects than their husbands.

Paternity leave and “househusbands” are becoming more common

Traditional gender roles and gradually changing

Families can divide roles and responsibilities in the most convenient way.