「雅思口语」高频话题:A person in the news who you want to meet

16 2月 2020

「雅思口语」高频话题:A person in the news who you want to meet

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在雅思口语 Part 2 的人物类话题卡当中有一道题是描述新闻里想见的人,接下来我会专以作家为例来向大家展示如何进行这类话题卡的叙述。首先要介绍这个人的具体身份,为什么会挑选他/她的原因。比如他的著作经久不衰,作者本人性格也非常独特等。其次还要说明他/她吸引你的点,例如作品的启发性、积极性等等都可以作为细节展开。

因为这不是一个困难的抽象题,所以在单词和句型的选择上,我为大家做的例子会稍微复杂些以 7.5 分作为标准。但也不用担心自己应付不了,只要选择适合自己的表达形式,保证流利度就好。


Describe a person in the news who you want to meet.

Personally, the person I would like to meet most will be Murakami Haruki.

He is a writer. He was my favourite writer back in middle school and still remains one of the writers whose books I will buy, in no time, whatever they publish. For me, still a middle school student, he was like a bridge linking between my prisoned youth at school and the mysterious adulthood lost in some metropolis. I could not help bringing the author himself into the world of his novel as a symbiosis of the protagonist and these two persona will coincide in a very interesting way.

Is he a womanizer or ascetic? Is he proactive or docile? These questions walk me through many nights wondering what kind of person I am and will be. As far as I know, Mr. Murakami himself is quite a reserved-to-himself man, which conflicts his protagonist sometimes. However, for me at present, restless pursuit of knowledge, power, love, etc., seems quintessential so I do not read too much of his writing anymore. But I am still grateful for what he created in his career and would like to reread his works in a fresh angle as a grown man.


mysterious:strange and interesting because you don’t know much about them

  • Eg. A mysterious young woman is living next door.
  • Mysterious adulthood 指的是未知的成年人的世界

protagonist:the main character in a play, film or book

  • Eg. at that time, films rarely had a woman as the main protagonist.

reserved-to-himself:slow or unwilling to show feelings or express opinions

  • 这个短语可以用来形容比较内向 不爱表达情感的人