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61. There have been attempts to explain these taboos in terms of inappropriate social relationships either between those who are involved and those who are not simultaneously involved in the satisfaction of a bodily need,or between those already satiated and those who appear to be shamelessly gorging.


62. Many critics of Family Bronte’s novel Wuthering Heights see its second part as a counterpoint that comments on,if it does not reverse,the first part,where a “romantic” reading receives more confirmation.

研究艾米丽。勃朗特(Emily Bronte)小说《呼啸山庄》(Wuthering Heights)的许多文学评论家,将小说的第二部分视作一种对比物,即使没有将第一部分予以逆转的话,也是在对第一部分作出一种诠释评判,而在小说第一部分中,一种”浪漫的”的读解能获得更为充分的确证。

63. Granted that the presence of these elements need not argue an authorial awareness of novelistic construction comparable to that of Henry James, their presence does(15) encourage attempts to unify the novel’s heterogeneous parts.

诚然,这些因素的存在并不能证明作者对小说架构的意识可与亨利。詹姆斯(Henry James)的那种意识相比拟;然则,任何力图将小说所有形形色色的因素统一起来的做法,在某种程度上注定是无法令人信服的。 Granted that:大家都统一、当然,表让步,=admitted , of course.

64. This is not because such an interpretation necessarily stiffens into a thesis(although rigidity in any interpretation of this or of any novel is always a danger),but because Wuthering Heights has recalcitrant elements of undeniable power that,ultimately,resist inclusion in an all-encompassing interpretation.


65. The isotopic composition of lead often varies from one source of common copper ore to another,with variations exceeding the measurement error;and preliminary studies indicate virtually uniform is topic composition of the lead from a single copper-ore source.


66. More probable is bird transport,either externally,by accidental attachment of the seeds to feathers,or internally,by the swallowing of fruit and subsequent excretion of the seeds.


67. A long-held view of the history of English colonies that became the United States has been that England’s policy toward these colonies before 1763 was dictated by commercial interests and that a change to a more imperial policy , dominated by expansionist militarist objectives , generated the tensions that ultimately led to the American Revolution .


68. It is not known how rare this resemblance is,or whether it is most often seen in inclusions of silicates such as garnet,whose crystallography is generally somewhat similar to that of diamond; but when present,the resemblance is regarded as compelling evidence that the diamonds and inclusions are truly cogenetic.


69. Even the “radical” critiques of this mainstream research model,such as the critique developed in Divided Society,attach the issue of ethnic assimilation too mechanically to factors of economic and social mobility and are thus unable to illuminate the cultural subordination of Puerto Ricans as a colonial minority.

即使是对这一主流研究模型的”激进”批评,诸如《分裂的社会》(Divided Society)一书中所提出的那种批判,亦将少数民族同化问题过分机构地与经济和社会移动性的因素联系起来,因此无从阐明波多黎各人作为一个殖民地少数民族的文化从属关系。

70. They are called virtual particles in order to distinguish them from real particles,whose lifetimes are not constrained in the same way,and which can be detected.

它们被称为 “虚粒子 (virtual particle),以便与实粒子(real particle)区分开来,而实粒子则不会以这种方式受到制约,并且其存在可得以测定。