「雅思听力」雅思听力词汇:leave...up to somebody

18 3月 2020

「雅思听力」雅思听力词汇:leave…up to somebody

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leave…up to somebody 留给…决定

  • We’ll have to leave the decision up to him.

letter of recommendation 推荐信;letter of reference 推荐信

look on the bright sides of things 看事物的光明面

no kidding 不是开玩笑吧

on the tip of one’s tongue 就在舌尖

  • A: Are you sure you can’t remember the name of that record?
  • B: It’s just on the tip of my tongue!

quitting time 下课时间

  • I’m glad it’s almost quitting time.

take it over 重修

  • Don failed physics and had to take it over.

than necessary 比应该的要冷

  • The lab was cooler than necessary.

That’s easer said than done. 说来容易做来难

There is nothing to it. 没什么,很容易

  • I can run this projector. There’s really nothing to it.