「雅思听力」雅思听力词汇:go easy on

22 3月 2020

「雅思听力」雅思听力词汇:go easy on

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go easy on 温和对待

  • Well, since it’s your first and only ticket, the judge will probably go easy on you.

go in one ear and out the other 一耳朵进,一耳朵出

  • Well, you know Mike, everything’s in one ear and out the other.

go jogging 去跑步

  • Are you ready to go jogging?

go to one’s head 某人自负

  • A: Have you noticed how John’s changed since he became student government president?
  • B: I think the whole thing has gone to his head, and he used to be so sociable and open.

got the time 几点了

  • A: Got the time?
  • B: It’s a little after ten.

in next to no time 马上

  • A: Are you going to be using the copying machine long?
  • B: I’ll be through in next to no time.

in the red 赤字

  • 反义:in the black

in the works 正在准备阶段

  • An advanced course in theoretical chemistry is the works.

keep to oneself

  • I’m amazed that you still haven’t gotten to know your neighbours.

kill time 浪费时间

  • Gosh, what can we do to kill the next 10 hours?