「雅思听力」雅思听力词汇:fill in for

22 3月 2020

「雅思听力」雅思听力词汇:fill in for

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fill in for 代替

  • 同义:fill one’s place (position, shoes);  take the place of; take over
  • Dave, can you fill in for me tonight at the restaurant? I’d like to go out of town.

food for thought 令人思考的东西

  • 同义:thought-provoking
  • There is a lot food for thought in what he had to say.

for nothing 免费

  • To pay to see that movie would be foolish, when you can see it on TV for nothing.

from top to bottom 从上到下

  • A: Maybe you lost your wallet in this room.
  • B: I’ve searched it from top to bottom.

get of on the wrong foot 开始事情就做错了

  • I got off on the wrong foot, and I don’t have any idea which way to

get away with 对…..摆脱惩罚

  • A: Did you know that Bob is leaving for home tonight? He isn’t planning to take his final exams.
  • B: He can’t get away with that

get going 赶紧行动

  • 同义:get moving
  • A: It looks like we won’t have enough time to do all we wanted to.
  • B: Who says we won’t? let’s get going.

get on one’s nerve 招惹某人神经了

  • A: Why did you come to the meeting late? I left a message with your roommate about the time change.
  • B: She has a very short memory and it really gets on my nerve sometimes.

get started on 开始做

  • We should get started on the project.

get time off from work 从工作中抽时间

  • Oh, so she was able to get time off from the work.