10 2月 2020


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A New Jersey black bear that walks upright on its 2 back legs and has become a social media darling has reemerged and has been captured on video month after its last sighting. The bear named Pedals was spotted in a town of Oakrage, in a video posted to Facebook featuring the bear it appear to be in-relatively good health and was moving quickly. “Pedals apparently hasn’t injured leg or pool that doesn’t allow it to walk comfortably on all fulls.” according to experts. Laurence sportsman of the state for the state department environmental protection said, “Officials expect the bear to make it through next winter. The bear first gained fame after was sported the wondering around neighbourhoods and was caught on videos that were posted on social media and showed on national television. Last year, supporters pushed for Pedals to be moved to a shelter. But New Jersey officials have said they won’t allowed the bear to be captured and transferred to the facility. The bear would do better in its natural habitat on the agency would step in if its condition deteriorated they said.(186 单词  2017年12月卷)

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Well, my group has been doing a project on how household waste is recycled in Britain.We were quite shocked to discover that only 9% of people here in the UK make an effort to recycle their household waste. This is a lower figure than in most other European countries, and needs to increase dramatically in the next few years if the government is going to meet its recycling targets.The agreed targets for the UK mean that by 2008 we must reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by 12.5%, compared with 1990. And recycling can help to achieve that goal, in two main ways: the production of recycled glass and paper uses much less energy than producing them from virgin materials, and also recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions from landfill sites and incineration plants. As part of our project, we carried out a survey of people in the street, and the thing that came up over and over again is that people don’t think it’s easy enough to recycle their waste. One problem is that there aren’t enough ‘drop-off’ sites, that is, the places where the public are supposed to take their waste.We also discovered that waste that’s collected from householders is taken to places called ‘bring banks’, for sorting and baling into loads. (216单词 剑桥真题C5)


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雅思的听力语速比四六级的语速快了43%。四六级的学生听雅思听力感觉是 rap,而雅思的学生听四六级等于 0.5 倍速的听力播放,觉得语速太慢。