Vicky Liang
目前工作雅思教研组长 | 雅思教师
近期工作艺术类教学 | 对外英语教学
专业特长雅思全项 | 成人英语
授课经验10年英语教学经验 | 5年雅思

Vicky Liang 导师履历

My name is Vicky Liang and I have been an IELTS teacher for 5 years. In total, I have been teaching English for almost 10 years in Canada, South Korea, and China. I graduated from OCAD University with a Bachelor of Design. Before I became an English teacher, I was a graphic designer and a part-time art teacher. After that, I received the TESOL certification to pursue my teaching career.

嗨大家好,我是你们的 Vicky 老师。过去在韩国、中国以及加拿大本地累积教授英语 10 年了,其中有 5 年的雅思教学经验。在成为一名英语老师之前,我毕业于安省设计大学,取得设计学士学位并从事平面设计师及艺术教学工作。之后考取向非英语母语人士教授英语的国际教学资质 TESOL

My first English teaching experience was in a public elementary school in Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea, teaching English to local children in kindergarten to grade 6. I have also had the wonderful opportunity to work in several other public schools in South Korea after that.


My previous teaching experience was in Guangzhou, China, where I took on a different role in an English Institute for adults. I taught big and small ESL classes to teenagers who were going to study abroad, and adults who wanted to upgrade their language skills for their careers. Besides that, I also taught a specialized IELTS preparation class in the institute.


In classes, my students are given a safe, interactive space to study and tutor one another in different ways. I believe that the most effective way to learn is through interaction, practice, feedback and self-reflection.


In my years of experience teaching English and IELTS, I have recognized the uniqueness of each student. I help my students realize their own strengths and weaknesses in order for them to learn through difficulties and grow. Almost all students have 1 or 2 parts of the IELTS exam (for example, in Writing and Reading) where they feel less confident in. That is where it is important to focus on. I have used many effective key learning materials and exam strategies that have been proven useful by my previous students.

在多年的教学过程中,我深刻的认识到每个学生的独特性。在我的帮助下,每个学生都能有清晰的自我认知,长处与短处、优势与不足,以便他们能在逆境中探索发现不断成长。几乎每一个雅思备考的学生都会有 1-2 个单项不足并产生抵触,通过不断总结精炼有效的学习资料与分析考试策略,让每位学生践行有效术业精进!