Thomas Zahn
近期工作专栏记者 | 对外英语教学
专业特长雅思口语 | 写作
授课经验5年记者 | 4年英语教学

Thomas Zahn 导师履历

I am a qualified English teacher and I hold a CELTA certificate for teachers of English as a foreign language, a qualification which is internationally recognized. I am also a member of the English Language Teachers' Association Berlin-Brandenburg (ELTABB).


I grew up in London, England and studied linguistics at Oxford. Between 2008 and 2013 I worked as a professional columnist for a large newspaper in London on a wide variety of projects. I have also taught professional writing at degree level.

我在英国伦敦长大,在牛津大学学习语言学。2008 年至 2013 年期间,我在伦敦一家大型报社担任专栏记者,负责各种项目。我还执教过本科级别语言课程。

From my formal education and my own studies I have a broad overview of the cultural context in which English is used and I am familiar with a wide range of spoken and written styles of English. Through my work I have come into contact with different working cultures and a diverse range of English speakers in private companies, public bodies, sporting organizations and academia. I have worked with people for whom British English or American English is their first language, and many for whom English is their second or third language.


I speak French to level B2 and I understand from first hand experience many of the issues connected with learning a second language as an adult.

我的法语水平达到了B2 级别,从我的亲身经历中,我了解到许多与成年后学习第二语言有关的问题与解决方式。